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      June 9 to August 26, 2018
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      Ma Qiusha, Cai Longfei, Cui Kaimin, Guo Haiqiang,Pei Li Guo Tao, Guo Fengyi, He Tianqi, Hu Yun, Pan Jian, Pan Xu, Shi Hengbo, Wang Chao, Xie Sichong, Yang Shuangqing, Ye Su, Yan Zhou, Zhang Yaqian,
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OCAT Xi’an | Summer Exhibitions

Summer at OCAT Xi’an brings a special focus on Xi’an through a large-scale, expanded presentation of the Xi’an Showcase project that occupies the entire first floor galleries. Xi’an Showcase was launched in 2016 as a platform for presenting artists within the environs of Xi’an, and to give some local character to the more national and international rostra of artists invited to OCAT Xi’an. Under the able direction of young curator Yang Xi, the five annual exhibition projects have made an important contribution to our programme.
       For this fifth anniversary year, Xi’an Showcase becomes a major exhibition event that runs through the summer. Titled “Mapping the City: A Vision of History and Xi’an”, and taking several particular threads of historic development as its narrative, the exhibition bringing together sixteen artists, at least half of whom will be familiar from previous Xi’an Showcase projects. Each artist presents new pieces, some of which are special commissions for the exhibition. These will be juxtaposed with those works from the other, new half of the participants, artists who may or may not be living in Xi’an but who possess a connection to the city that will become apparent through curator Yang Xi’s arrangement of the show. This falls into five chapters, each underscored by a key theme, motif or historic fact, which is illuminated by the nature of the artists’ works brought together within the chapter.
       In line with the OCAT Xi’an concern for forging greater links between Xi’an’s historic past and contemporary present, Yang Xi’s approach is a perfect example of how enlightening contemporary reflections upon the past can be.
Meanwhile, in the lower ground floor gallery, OCAT Xi’an is delighted to present the first significant survey of the work of Beijing-based artist Ma Qiusha. Ma Qiusha caused something of a sensation in 2007 with her seminal biographic video piece From No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiao beili. Since then, she has been known widely for her video pieces, three of which are on display here. But she is also highly skilled in her application of installation, and photographic processes. Covering the space of a decade of her work, “Road” reveals best her skill in using a variety of familiar materials in a compellingly different form to articulate a very direct, yet personalized account of experiences she shares in common with an entire generation.
On the second floor gallery, we also play host to the first institutional project for Guangzhou-based new media artist Pei Li who invites us to contemplate the meaning of life in terms of our acceptance of what happens when life ends. Pei Li’s inspiration is a question asked by her son, but more directly the loss of her grandfather and her own response to dealing with grief.
       In their own ways, each of these exhibition themes returns to memory, to the past as a means of unpacking the complex experiences of today and unravelling the equally complex emotional states that accompany them.
OCAT Xi’an summer exhibitions run from June 9 to August 26, 2018.
To their valuable help for summer exhibitions, OCAT Xi’an sincerely thanks Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, Long March Space, Beijing and Lu Jie, Magician Space, Beijing, AIKE DELLARCO, Shanghai, Triumph Gallery, Beijing, Banana Art Space, Nanjing, Cipa Gallery, Beijing, Mocube Gallery, Beijing and Zong Long for Xi’an Showcase project; Beijing Commune, for support of Ma Qiusha’s solo project.

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