Xi'an Weekend

    • Date
      2014.05.10 14:00
    • Guest
      Kun Jinkao, Yang Zhongguo & Guo Zheng, Qin Ling & XBH
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"System Error"– OCAT Xi'an Public Curating Day

As the opening art activity of this series events, the young musicians from System Error will perform for three hours from three different angles to express sound which has become an increasingly embarrassing information carrier nowadays.
There will be two special parts on the day. Audiences are very welcome to have “wonderful” interaction with the artists and even the whole space using mobile terminal devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablet computers).
Activity contents:
Part 1 – HAZE
Kun Jinkao
Length: 20-30 min
Length: 10-15 min
Part 2 – Body Dance
Yang Zhongguo & Guo Zheng
Length: 20-30 min
Length: 5-10 min
Part 3 – BLIND
Qin Ling &XBH
Length: 20-30 min


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