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This Is Now: Film and Video After Punk

OCAT Xi’an is pleased to bring the screening programme: This is Now: Film and Video After Punk, a major new touring project that looks at artists’ film and video from the post-punk era (1979–85). The project is co-organised by the British Council and LUX, comprises seven screening programmes and is developed in partnership with the BFI National Archive.
    In the early 1980s, clubbers, art students, New Romantics and members of the post-punk scene used inexpensive, domestic technology to find new modes of expression and subvert the mainstream media. Independent VHS tapes were released, stridently bypassing censorship, and Super 8 film was embraced as a cheap yet distinctly lyrical and direct new medium. The DIY approach of punk was powerfully reborn. These programmes focus on work from the early 1980s that explore the blurred lines between media images and identity, creating new dialogues between the self and the world. It was an uncertain, politically contentious time; a time in which – very much like today with the internet – technology appeared to ease life, yet also created gaps between people. Artists considered what images and technology could mean and be in their fullest sense.
Screening Schedule

June 16, 2018
13:00-14:50  Performing the Self(76 min)
15:00-16:15  Home Taping(75 min)
16:25-17:45  Entering the Dream Space(80 min)
17:55-19:15  Before and After Science(74 min)
June 17, 2018
13:00-14:30  Artist Talk(90 min)
Guests: Judith Goddard,Vanda Carter
14:40-16:00  (76 min)
16:10-17:20  Video Killed the Radio Star(76 min)
17:30-18:20  Just Images(81 min)


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