Xi'an Film Programmes

    • Date
      2016.10.01 - 2016.10.04
    • Guest
      Qiu Jiongjiong, Fang Fang
    • Moderator
      Karen Smith
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Qiu Jiongjiong Film Festival

This National Day weekend, OCAT Xi'an presented the "1st Qiu Jiongjiong Film Festival" in Xi'an. A painter and filmmaker in equal measure of skill and talent, Qiu Jiongjiong is widely respected for his output in both media. His paintings have been exhibited in China and abroad; his films presented in numerous national and international festivals.
Qiu Jiongjiong's works are outwardly playful, but they each have a poignant, at times, dark side. This paradox is evidenced from the earliest of his films, each of which takes as its focus a specific individual who has arrived at a crossroads in life. The plots follow their attempts to unravel the choices that brought them along a specific and, at times, perplexing path in life.
The "1st Qiu Jiongjiong Film Festival" presents six films over the course of four days. The festival ends with Qiu Jiongjiong's most recent triumph Chi – Mr. Zhang Believes 2015, as we presents the original five-hour film in its entirety for the first time in China. A shorter version of Chi – Mr. Zhang Believes was screened in January this year as one of the handful of artist film works selected for the prestigious "Doc Fortnight: the 15th annual selection of documentaries from around the world" organised by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in New York. Join us and the director Qiu Jiongjiong in person, to enjoy this remarkable series of film works.


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