Xi'an Film Programmes

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      2016.07.02 - 2016.07.10
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      Li Dan, Cyrielle Nifle
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China Women’s Film Festival

The China Women's Film Festival was founded in 2013. Through the use of foreign and Chinese feminist films, the festival aims to give a platform where film, art and women's rights can be linked and discussed. It also aims to help women filmmakers to shoot films and documentaries about women's rights and, on a long term basis, to raise awareness on women's rights as well as to eliminate discrimination against women within Chinese society. Feminism in China finds its origins since the end of Qing Dynasty. Chinese suffragettes invaded Parliament in 1912; the May Fourth Movement in 1919 called for gender equality and the abolition of forced marriage and polygamy. Later, the women’s rights movement in China became linked to nationalism and class struggle as it was subsumed in the Communist Revolution under Mao Zedong, who famously declared that “women hold up half the sky.”
Women in today’s China, especially rural women who work in cities, enjoy greater economic and personal freedom than ever before. The Chinese film industry today, like film industries worldwide, suffers from a glut of productions that pander to male audiences, with female characters who are one-dimensional, objectified, or simply nowhere to be found. We believe that it is vital, for the good of both men and women today and the next generation of women and men, to showcase films featuring independent, carefully considered, and realistic women.
The festival will show excellent films from China, the USA, France, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Poland among other countries, and will focus on a broad range of topics such as women’s empowerment, violence and discrimination against women, women activists and queer women. We hope that you will be inspired by these films and get new thoughts about those topics. The China Women’s Film Festival supports “HeForShe”, a campaign launched by UN Women. We encourage the male audience to join the female audience and to show its support to feminist films and women’s rights.
Great films will be screened at OCAT Xi'an on the 2nd, 3rd and 10th of July. Join us! 


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