Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2016.10.15 15:30-17:00
    • Guest
      Wang Pengjie, Ru Lei
    • Moderator
      Yang Xi
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"What 'Self-Consciousness' Do We Need When Making Art?&q

Discussing the nature of “self-consciousness” within an artist’s practice is a key issue of studying art history and theory. However, many varying concepts that exist within the current cultural system has a great impact on “self-consciousness”; primarily by making it chaotic. It does, however, provide a new context in which to re-examine this concept.
If the art currently being produced is contemporary art, how is “self-consciousness” reflected through the practice? When talking about or using the concept of “self-consciousness”, what is the core of the discussion? As this open-ended topic has no definitive answers, this talk focuses on the prevailing sense of “self-consciousness” and the problems it raises for art practice. At the same time, it reviews the multiple dimensions of artistic practice today.
Come and join the debate!


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