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      Luo Yongjin, Dong Jun
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      Karen Smith
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"View of Photography"

Luo Yongjin’s photographic works deftly show architecture as a manifestation of a particular time and place. From the Fort Houses in the west of China to the “McMansions” of the wealthy traders in Hangzhou and its environs; from massive commercial developments like Oriental Plaza in Beijing to the grand edifices along the Bund in Shanghai, to the disintegrating traditional houses on the fringes of so many urban centres, the shifting tides of taste, of excess and austerity, of ambition, expense and fantasy invested in these diverse construction projects come to the fore. Both as single images and as mosaic-style composites, the photographs effect a visual metaphor of a dramatic era of social change from the 1980s to the present. The element of documenting a place is preeminent in the works. “I liked how you could express yourself and narrate through documentary photographic images”, he says. “That is how I became interested in photography.” This documentary element will make Luo Yongjin’s body of work increasingly important over time.
On July 13th, participating artist Luo Yongjin will talk about his works and art practice with OCAT director Karen Smith and curator Dong Jun.
Come and join us!

Luo Yongjin was born in 1960 in Beijing. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, in 1992. He currently lives in Shanghai.
Dong Jun, artist, curator, director and writer. He is the research office director of the Department of Motion Picture Photography and Animation at X’an Academy of Fine Arts.


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