Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2016.04.14 15:00-17:00
    • Guest
      Wang Yinghong, Shu Xin, Zhao Jin, Su Lei
    • Moderator
      Tong Hai
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My Experience in Art and the Authenticity of Art

The choice of studying at the university level can determine a person’s entire future. This may be obvious if the subject is law, accounting, medicine, which are typical choices for Chinese students. But what if that subject is oil painting? What sort of future might the student anticipate? With the exhibition project “Art to Me”, curator Yue Yang presents works by graduates who entered the oil painting department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Art in 1998 and 1999. A decade and more after their graduation, how, she asked, had their careers evolved? How had the study of art been of benefit to them in the passage of time since and for the role they play in society today?
“Art to Me” answers this with a diversity of works produced by these graduates in the period since they graduated to now. Alongside the works, each participant contributed a short text describing their experiences, many of them rather moving responses to questions Yue Yang posed. The majority affirms the importance of their study at Xi’an Academy of Fine Art as a starting point for their careers, in whatever form that career has evolved. In their words, we find reasonable proof that the study of oil painting enriched their lives. The singular significance here in the project “Art to Me” is how it has resonance today for the thousands more graduates who depart art academies across China each year for what are uncertain and increasingly competitive future career opportunities.
On April 14, artists including Wang Yinghong, Shu Xin, Zhao Jin and Su Lei from the exhibition “Art to Me” will talk about their works and art practice. Welcome to join us!


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