Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2015.12.27 16:00-17:30
    • Guest
      Gong Xu, Kong Zhengyi
    • Moderator
      Zhang Qian
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Power of Traditional Cultural Signs in Contemporary Context

Cultural signs, as the media for communication, express the inner meaning of human’s behaviours and habitats. With the development of the society, the implications of culture signs are re-structured in art practice so that they present to a more diverse level. Artist Gong Xu and Kong Zhengyi are going to have a discussion with audience to talk about the meaning of traditional cultural symbols and the memories of social culture.
In the series artworks of “Zodiac Explosion”, artist Gong Xu re-established the traditional graphic figures of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals using vibrant colours and creative narrative. Gong Xu endowed the animal signs different implications, and his artworks provide viewers possibilities to further explore traditional cultural symbols.
We are honoured to invite Kong Zhengyi to this programme who will have this conversation with the artist and audience. He would talk about his understanding and views on traditional cultural symbols in the context of contemporary art such as the zodiac animal signs based on his research combined with Gong Xu’s exhibition.

Gong Xu was born in 1986 in Shanghai. He graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, China Academy of Art in 2010. He lives and works in Shanghai.
Kong Zhengyi is currently taking the roles of committee member of the China Folklore Society, deputy secretary general and research fellow of Historical and Cultural City Research Institute Xi’an, and professional expert in the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. He was the head of the Repository of Xi’an Small Wild Goose Pagoda, vice-president of Xi’an Museum, and the director of the Conservation and Management Centre for The Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum.


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