Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2015.06.06 13:30-15:30
    • Guest
      Ren Jian, Huang Zhuan
    • Moderator
      Karen Smith
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History in Images: One Artist's Vision

Over the last few decades, Ren Jian has spent a great deal of time in research. The monumental painting Epoch exhibited in OCAT Xi’an, with a length of 36 m, cost him seven years to complete based on a huge amount of researching, reading and writing experiences. Epoch reproduces the history and shows the world anew with the time span from the Genesis-like vision of the world till the 21st century.
On the 2nd of June, the executive director of OCAT Shenzhen and OCAT Institute (Beijing) Huang Zhuan will talk with artist Ren Jian about the background of his paintings and the meaning of artists’ research and creation based on this exhibition.


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