Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2015.05.14 19:00-21:00
    • Guest
      Li Ran, Su Wei
    • Moderator
      Karen Smith
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Can They Be Surpassed?

----- A Conversation "Not Related" to the Field of Art

Over the recent few years, some concepts in art field which ought to be re-assessed and developed are regard as new regulations or standards with no need to be changed. Everything seems to be restarted with no difficulties, no confusions. In the latest history, those special moments were re-engraved on the monument relying on the “typical” and “representative” patterns.
However, not everything can be foreseen or planned ahead as it looks like on surface. Li Ran is trying to explore the distrust and re-examination during creating his artworks. How much progress has been achieved of this work? How could we resist the pressure from the inertia of creating? Can we surpass the business logic of standardising or legitimation of everything and the increasingly secular values? How do we find the “seam” and the “fold”? This will be the second public conversation between Li Ran and Su Wei, and they are going to share their feelings and thoughts over the past two years.

Li Ran was born in Hubei province in 1986. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2009. He currently lives and works in Beijing.
Su Wei is a curator and critic. He won the first price in the first International Awards for Art Criticism in 2014.


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