Xi'an Conversations

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      Wu Jianru, Feng Weijing, Shi Yijie, Zhu Jianlin
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      Karen Smith
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Call Me A Shi

– A Conversation Between Artists and Curator

LEAP’s editor Wu Jianru organised this programme as the curator in OCAT Xi’an. She invited three artists Feng Weijing, Shi Yijie, Zhu Jianlin from Guangdong province to complete this group artworks named “Call Me A Shi”. It is a not only humorous but also serious art experiment to test the group creativity.
In this programme, we can see the three artists working together in collaboration for the self-published monthly magazine Feng Huo, which the artists are devoted to producing together above and beyond the time they commit to their own artworks. The chief editor Feng Weijing even hopes that Feng Huo gains the same influence as a TV channel. Artist “A Shi” is a character from the comic strip in Feng Huo. A Shi created seven pieces of artworks and in the comic plot, he completed the meaning of his works via answering a series of questions.


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