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      Zhao Junyuan, Li Mu, Tao Yi, Xu Zhe
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Organised Play

– Zuzhi Group Talking About the Summer Projects at OCAT Xi’an

On the 7th of June, the Zuzhi Group members including Zhao Junyuan, Li Mu, Tao Yi and Xu Zhe will come to OCAT Xi’an before their projects during this summer. They will have a public conversation with OCAT Xi’an director Karen Smith to introduce their art practice and their oncoming summer projects.
Zuzhi Goup: “Organised Play”
“Organised Play” will be a fun and inspiring interactive project to unravel the multiple art movements throughout the 20th century art practice via a personalised and non-western art angle on the traditional narrative of Western Art History. The Zuzhi group will integrate with their own humorous way of thinking to explore these highly influential art expression, from the Constructivism to abstract painting, and from performance art to conceptual art. From the end of July, each of the group member will hold a workshop, and the projects with the outcomes from the workshops will be exhibited until the 24th of August. Volunteers and participants are recruiting for each of the workshops to achieve the goal of the projects with the artists together. Viewers are very welcomed to visit the workshops and join in the “Organised Play” with full of surprises and discoveries!

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