Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2013.12.17 18:30-21:00
    • Guest
      Qiu Zhenzhong, Xia Kejun
    • Moderator
      Mia Yu
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Are There No Calligraphy in Contemporary Art in China?

-- A Conversation About Contemporaneity of Chinese Calligraphy Between Calligrapher Qiu Zhenzhong and Philosopher Xia Kejun

The scholarly exhibition "Between Character and Calligraphy" as the opening exhibition of OCAT Xi’an displays the artworks of the renowned calligrapher Wang Dongling, Qiu Zhenzhong and a very respected Chinese contemporary art worldwide. The exhibition is curated by leading scholars and artist Yan Shanchun and Qi Xiaochun."In Chinese contemporary art, calligraphy has always been relegated to the margins, forming a stark contrast with the mainstream status it enjoyed in traditional culture," says curator Yan Shanchun. "Calligraphy, as an independent art form, today it enjoys renewed vitality, with numerous schools, and associations arising in its name, presenting a visage of prosperity."
"Between Character and Calligraphy" reflects on this renewed prosperity. To demonstrate this, the exhibition's curator Yan Shanchun invited two calligraphers and one contemporary artist to examine the relationship between calligraphy and contemporary art.


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